Niaux 200, less wear, more performance


Forges de Niaux, always at the forefront, are once more demonstrating their skill and precision with the elaboration of the new quality NIAUX 200.


Niaux 200, less wear, more performance


As the first in the market to propose boron steel discs heat-treated to 160 kg/mm² in the mid-1980s, Forges de Niaux is again finding new farming solutions for their customers.


After years of research, Forges de Niaux has effectively implemented a new quality of steel to obtain a hardness of 215kg/mm². This new grade allows us to attain high hardness values, while still maintaining the flexibility necessary in the field. 



In this way, Forges de Niaux continue their quest to respond to their customers’ expectations. Indeed, over the past 10 years, disc wear has strongly increased, higher tractor speeds and difficult soil conditions being the main causes of this phenomenon.

Today, however, thanks to the engineering at Forges de Niaux, the new quality NIAUX 200 has appeared.


Because of its high resistance and superb flexibility, this new quality of steel simplifies farmers’ work all around. Time and petrol are saved, the discs do not need to be changed as often, and they hold their ground even in rocky and difficult soils.


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Niaux 200, less wear, more performance
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8 years of research resulted in the creation of this new disc : a disc with hardness increased to 200kg/mm² for still better performance in the field.





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