Our products
Key numbers

• Exported to the 5 continents

70 years of experience

132 employees

• Turnover of 30 million Euros in 2009, 65% represented by export sales

1,400,000 discs per year

24,000 tons of steel transformed per year


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Our products

The biggest european manufacturer of disks for harrows and ploughs

Our products

The improvement of our products’ quality by constant testing of our heat treatment and resistance to breakage has brought us to the forefront of progress and unanimous recognition. 



As the first manufacturer to have commercialized boron steel discs with a hardness of 160 kg/mm² (50 HRC), we have continually strived to innovate in the research of alloys that limit the wear of our products.

With the unprecedented success of these products, a new phase began with disks showing ever higher hardness values. Our teams have once more pushed the limits with NIAUX 200, which has a hardness of 200kg/mm². 



These remarkable developments are the result of a precise analysis of farmers’ needs and the result of close collaboration with the world’s largest steel-makers. With 70 years’ experience in the manufacture of disks for harrows and ploughs, Forges de Niaux, Europe’s biggest disk blade manufacturer, is able to supply all your needs for disk and coulter blades, plain, notched, or wavy, in diameters ranging from  200 mm to 1200 mm.



Our products

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8 years of research resulted in the creation of this new disc : a disc with hardness increased to 200kg/mm² for still better performance in the field.





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Film on the new quality Niaux 200. Increased hardness of disks while keeping the same flexibility:


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