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Hardness: 60 HRC

Lifespan: 50% higher than industry average

Productivity: 70% higher than industry average

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Basecutter blades for sugarcane harvesters

Aware of the challenges facing the sugarcane industry and always striving to enance performance and efficiency within the agricultural industry, Forges de Niaux has developed a range of basecutter blades for sugarcane harvesters.

Basecutter blades for sugarcane harvesters

These blades attain unequaled levels of hardness (60 HRC) ensuring a perfect cut with sustained durability. The lifespan of these parts is well above the industry average. This allows to increase profitability thanks to savings on:

  • Cost of parts
  • Labour cost
  • Machine downtime


– Search Niaux 200 : the new reference


8 years of research resulted in the creation of this new disc : a disc with hardness increased to 200kg/mm² for still better performance in the field.





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