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Key numbers

• Exported to the 5 continents

70 years of experience

132 employees

• Turnover of 30 million Euros in 2009, 65% represented by export sales

1,400,000 discs per year

24,000 tons of steel transformed per year


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Disk Blades for Cover-Crops



Since the 60s, Forges de Niaux has shown its mastery of the heat treatment process of boron steel disk blades.

It was the first manufacturer :

To offer farming disk blades in boron steel.
To increase the hardness of the disk blades to 160 kg/mm2 (in 1985).
To patent a heat treatment process bringing the hardness to more than 215 kg/mm2.


Disk Blades for Cover-Crops

 A quality disk blade must respond to 2 opposing demands :  


• It must have a sufficient hardness in order to resist wear.

• It must maintain nonetheless maximum flexibility to avoid breakage due to impacts.


Forges de Niaux ingenuity lies in the balance between hardness and flexibility.