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Key numbers

• Exported to the 5 continents

70 years of experience

132 employees

• Turnover of 30 million Euros in 2009, 65% represented by export sales

1,400,000 discs per year

24,000 tons of steel transformed per year


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Lobe and Flail Disks

Lobe and flail disks allow for deeper penetration than traditional disk blades without increasing the tractor power required.


Their aggressive geometry is unique and patented, and make tilling more efficient than traditional methods.

Better soil penetration in very dry conditions
Optimal cutting up and mixing of residue
No plough pan is created
Depth of work is from 10 to 25 cm, with 20% less weight
Higher tractor speeds possible. Less weight + unique geometry = 20% - 30% less traction needed
Soil preparation allowing for direct seeding afterwards


Lobe and Flail Disks