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• Turnover of 30 million Euros in 2009, 65% represented by export sales

1,400,000 discs per year

24,000 tons of steel transformed per year


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Disk Blades for High-Speed Harrows

Over the past years, the search for increased performance has become one of the major factors of farming machinery choice. Working speeds have significantly increased, resulting in faster wear of the equipment.


In response to this, we propose our new range of disks, NIAUX 200 : with a hardness that has been boosted to 215 kg/mm2, the disk blade becomes 40% more efficient.

Disk Blades for High-Speed Harrows

High-speed harrow disk blades permit the chopping up of crop residue at shallow depths and at higher working speeds (more than 10 km/h).

The resistance of the disks to wear as well as to impacts means a more efficient operation. The soil quality allows for direct seeding after tilling.