Quality Niaux
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• 100% of chosen lots of steel are quality-controlled

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Quality Niaux

High-tech workshops for an irreproachable quality.

Quality Niaux

Only the best steel makes the best product : the rigorous and inflexible selection of raw materials is the basis of our search for quality. The technical characteristics of the steel we choose are determined in close collaboration with our suppliers. Once the quality specifications are established, all of the lots of steel received by Forges de Niaux are quality-controlled. All unsatisfactory raw material is directly returned to the supplier.


Our products are manufactured with boron steel which offers, after heat treatment, exceptional hardness and flexibility, two essential characteristics for working the soil. The choice of this steel also means extremely high quality products at competitive prices. 

Modernized and efficient, the plant at Forges de Niaux is constantly monitored, maintained, and developed to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. 

– Search Niaux 200 : the new reference


8 years of research resulted in the creation of this new disc : a disc with hardness increased to 200kg/mm² for still better performance in the field.





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The Forges de Niaux company film, about our values and our means:


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Film on the new quality Niaux 200. Increased hardness of disks while keeping the same flexibility:


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