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Key numbers


• Exported to the 5 continents

70 years of experience

132 employees

• Turnover of 30 million Euros in 2009, 65% represented by export sales

1,400,000 discs per year

24,000 tons of steel transformed per year


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Our story

More than 70 years of experience of manufacturing parts for agricultural machinery

Our story

The company itself being several hundred years old, the Forges de Niaux has been owned by the same family since 1881. Over five generations the same attention has been given to customer service, quality and innovation – age-old principles that today are the guarantee of our continuity.

Centered on the domestic market until 1945, the Forges de Niaux decided to specialize in the manufacture of disk blades and, in general, parts for tillage machinery. It soon became apparent that the choice of this market, which was proving to be very fragmented on a national level, required an extension to the export market, which started in 1952.

This long experience has allowed us to remain at the forefront of progress, in regards to new steel alloys that allow for high shock resistance while remaining flexible. We were the first, in 1985, to put boron steel disks, heat-treated to 160 kg/mm², on the market and have persisted in our search for improved-quality products. Today we are the first to offer disks with a hardness of 200 kg/mm².

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8 years of research resulted in the creation of this new disc : a disc with hardness increased to 200kg/mm² for still better performance in the field.





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Film on the new quality Niaux 200. Increased hardness of disks while keeping the same flexibility:


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