The only way for a manufacturer to ensure that the quality of the products meets the expectations of customers and consumers is to have an ear in the market. We would like to share some of these experiences with you.

Sam, Cropping operations manager, New Zealand

Wear is drastically reduced with Niaux disk blades. It allows to increase working speed. Parts replacement is less frequent. The profitability of this product is excellent

Henri, Farmer in Creuse region, France

We have tested Niaux 200 disk blades driving across rocks at 8 miles per hour. After ten replications we examined the outer edge of the blade, there was no damage. We are confident these disks last longer and stay sharper to help cut residue and soil better

Phil, Niaux 200 dealer in Kentucky, France

My farm has a particularly demanding terrain for wear parts. Niaux 200 quality is the assurance of robust parts.

Christian, Farmer in Haute-Garonne, France

I like how these discs stay sharp over time

A texas country man, USA